Przedsiębiorca Roku – Orły Wprost 2018

HM INWEST S.A. obtained a prestigious Orły Tygodnika Wprost award in the category “Przedsiębiorca roku” (“Entrepreneur of the year”) in Mazowieckie voivodeship.

On 16 May 2018, HM INWEST S.A. was honoured with "Przedsiębiorca Roku” (“Entrepreneur of the year”) award – a statuette awarded by “WPROST” weekly magazine. Orły Tygodnika “WPROST” are awards for companies, self-governments, outstanding individuals and international projects that notably contribute to the development of economy, region or Poland. This year, they were awarded for the third time during a gala organised in Teatr Capitol in Warsaw.

The ceremony was of special nature, since both the largest companies and those of key importance to the Polish economy are established in the Capital City.

We are proud of this distinction, as it confirms that the previous activity of our company, also in the field of innovative development projects, is appreciated.

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