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Our offer includes both a possibility to individually work with an interior designed or use complete finishing packages, which may still be customized and mixed together. We design and finish apartments and houses, as well as service and commercial premises. Our designers may also provide you with a professional assistance in finishing your apartment – in terms of selection of equipment and additions before moving in or home staging, i.e., preparation of the property for rental or sale. The last branch of our offer are activities associated with technical maintenance of apartments and buildings. The details of particular aspects of our activities are presented below.

Finishing packages

Within the range of our interior finishing services, we offer four packages – different in terms of the scope of works, as well as the type of used materials. This solution allows to precisely plan the budget you may allocate to renovation or adaptation of the interior. We prepared the program with apartments of surface area exceeding 45m2 with a single bathroom in mind. In case of smaller apartments, we prepare an individual valuation based on the apartment layout.

The following packages of the Interior finishing services are available: basic, silver, gold, and platinum. Particular packages may be combined together, as well as supplemented with works associated with arrangement and installation, as well as additional elements, such as wallpapers, linings, fixed joinery or free-standing furniture. We carry out the finishing works using high quality materials, manufactured by Polish or global brands.

Finishing of interiors of apartments

The basic package of the apartment interiors finishing services include, e.g., painting of walls and ceilings in white, basic bathroom equipment, fittings, bathroom tiles, and terracotta. As a part of covering of the floor in rooms and the hallway, we offer laminated panels with strips. The scope of works also covers installation of doors with frames and handles. During renovation, you may use help of an interior designer, with whom you may plan 3 meetings, 90 minutes each.

The professional interior finishing services, offered in the silver program, feature a wider scope of works. This is an option for those who want to carry out all necessary renovation works quickly and for a reasonable price. Additionally, this package includes painting of walls with latex paint in any colour, full bathroom equipment, including a washbasin with a semi-pedestal, suspended toilet, a bathtub or a shower, as well as tiles in the bathroom up to the height of 2 metres.

Modern interior finishing in gold and platinum packages

Modern interior finishing in the gold package is an offer for clients who expect the highest quality materials and full support of a designer during works. This program includes unlimited consultation meetings with a designer, who will assist you in selection of materials or creation of demanding spatial solution. When selecting the gold package, you may also choose a wooden floor with systemic baseboards in rooms.

On the other hand, the platinum package is intended for the most demanding clients, who are looking for innovative design solutions and the highest quality materials. Interior finishing in this system also includes apartment arrangement designs, adapted to your expectation and sophisticated taste. The platinum version includes, e.g., tiles to the full height of the bathroom and the toilet, laminated panels, vinyl or a three-layered board in the rooms. Moreover, you will be able to choose from a wide selection of latex paints for walls, in medium and high pigmented colours.

We invite you to check our offer including professional interior finishing packages. Regardless of the program version you choose, you may broaden the scope of works with additional elements, such as fixed furniture, lightning or custom accessories. Feel free to contact us. We will be happy to answer all your questions and will propose solutions adapted to your individual expectations and budget you want to allocate to arrange your apartment.

Example implementations

Contact a representative of redNet: 

Aleksandra Kurczewska - phone: +48 504 122 175 - aleksandra.kurczewska@rednetproperty.com

Ewelina Jankowska - phone: +48 519 464 589 - ewelina.jankowska@rednetproperty.com

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