ARP Prefabrykacja signed a letter of intent with KZN

On 18 February 2021, in our headquarters, ARP Prefabrykacja and Krajowy Zasób Nieruchomości signed a letter of intent.

Our company will cooperate with KZN in implementation of Mieszkanie Plus program, which is one of the main pillars of Narodowy Program Mieszkaniowy (National Residential Buildings Construction Program) held by the Ministry of Development, Labour and Technology.

The letter was signed by Mariusz Wal, the CEO of ARP Prefabrykacja, Urszula Hofman, a member of the Management Board of ARP Prefabrykacja, and Bartłomiej Drudziński, the CEO of KZN.

The cooperation will in particular involve execution of tasks in the field of designing, as well as implementation of investments using services, technologies and the potential of our company.



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