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We understand CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility as responsibility for the company's impact on society and environment. As a real estate development company, we have a great influence on the common space and local communities. We want all decisions and actions taken by the company factor in the interests of all stakeholders and the development remains balanced.

On March 3, 2017, the Management Board of HM Inwest S.A. adopted a strategic document setting out the priorities of the social responsibility policy and the strategy for 2017-2018.

In the social responsibility policy, we distinguish the three most important areas:
?    What do we require from ourselves?
?    How do we influence our surroundings?
?    How do we care for the customer?

The document in Polish is available to download: download the document.


In our activities, we follow specific values: 
1.    Development. We understand development as innovation and our pursuit of perfection. We achieve successes, but we do not rest on our laurels. We want to continue to develop and we look for new solutions to provide our customers with apartments where they will feel comfortable and safe.
2.    Creating reality. We strive for a positive change in the areas of our investments, not only in terms of creating aesthetic buildings that suit the surroundings, but also in the social layer. We strengthen local communities by taking part in neighborhood and educational projects. We run a local Scholarship Program for talented and socially involved students.
3.    Customer safety. We realize that our customers entrust us with their savings and hope for the future. Our priority is the trust of our customers and making them feel safe during the entire purchase process.
4.    Honesty. We are an honest partner in the process of construction and sale of residential buildings. We require transparency and reliability from ourselves and we present our products and contracts in a transparent and understandable way for customers. We want to communicate clearly with customers, subcontractors and partners.
5.    Reliability. From the design to every detail, our products are solid. We require reliability and diligence from ourselves, every employee, co-workers and our products. Our buildings meet the highest standards.


Grupa Inwest has been involved in supporting local communities on the areas of our investments since the beginning. We want the districts in which we conduct our investments to develop and be beautiful, and the residents feel safe. The city consists of not only buildings and streets, but also the social life, interpersonal bonds and development of young people.
Priorities of our social involvement:
1.    Development of children and adolescents;
2.    Strengthening social bonds;
3.    Engaging in activities for a friendly environment;
4.    Supporting local sport. 

We support projects and events important for residents and in line with our vision of participation in creating friendly cities and in 2015, we established a Scholarship Program.


Grupa Inwest has been running a Scholarship Program for talented and active youth since 2015. Our goal is to invest in students who are already distinguished by good academic performance and above-average social, cultural or sporting involvement. 

We carry out the Scholarship Program in the districts in which we conduct investments. Currently, they are Praga Po??udnie and Mokotów. The scholarship is awarded to active and talented students who show with their attitude and first achievements that it is worth being all out, working on themselves, developing their passion and being committed to others. We want to promote and reward such attitudes and to invest in students who will be leaders in the districts from which they come in the future. 


Family is at the center of our interests and primarily with families in mind we conduct our construction projects. We are aware of how big an event it is to buy a flat, especially for a bigger family and that's why we became a partner of Karta Du??ej Rodziny program, offering special discounts on our apartments for numerous families.

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